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Luau Palm Tree Centerpiece
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How To Make a Luau Palm Tree Centerpiece

Palm Tree Centerpiece

Make the parts for the centerpiece two or three days ahead and store them in ice water to give the vegetables time to open. Be sure to have two florist's frogs on hand so the cucumber trees will stand steady.


Diagram 2

Leaves for the Palm Trees will look more realistic on the trees than in your hand. To begin, remove the bottoms of 2 green peppers. Remove cores and seeds by cutting up into the peppers from the bottom, leaving the tops intact. Cut sections to resemble leaves, leaving them connected at the top. Make diagonal cuts along each side of the leaves but do not cut through the center of the leaves. Place the peppers in ice water for two or three days to allow leaves to open.

You Will Need:

Ice Water
2 florist's frogs
2 cucumbers
2 green peppers
1 pineapple
1 pineapple
Green leaves such as Boston fern
Assorted flowers
Citrus fruit wedges
Purple grapes, if desired


Diagram 1

Trunks of Palm Trees can be made quickly. Use a sharp paring knife to cut small gashes diagonally into the skin of 2 cucumbers to resemble bark. Make the cuts very thin and at least 1/2-inch long. Cut both ends off the cucumbers to make flat surfaces. Place the cucumbers in ice water for two or three days to allow the cuts to open.


Diagram 3

The Pineapple Hut has an open door to convey the feeling of hospitality. Cut the top leaves off the pineapple, leaving on any attractive lower leaves. Slice a piece off the bottom so the pineapple will sit flat. With a sharp knife, cut as much pineapple from the inside as possible, leaving a thin shell. Cut into the pineapple to make the side and top of a door, leaving one side of the door attached.

To Assemble the Scene, line the bottom of a large platter with green leaves such as Boston fern. Push the cucumber tree trunks onto florist's frogs and place them on the platter. Top each tree with green pepper leaves. Place the hut on the platter. Cover the roof with flowers or leaves, securing them with straight pins. Decorate the platter with assorted flowers and citrus fruit wedges. If desired, hang purple grapes from the palm trees to resemble coconuts.

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