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Theme Party Ideas


Pet rocks, mood rings, earth shoes, VW Bugs, tube tops, wedgies (AKA platform shoes)have a funkadelic groovin' time! With the return of all things retro, Groovy Girls has been very popular.

Use this theme for a girl's birthday party (perfect for ages 6 through late teens).

Whether you survived the 60's and 70's the first time around, or are just trying to experience a little of the magic, look no further! For those of us old enough to remember, the revisit is much more fun than the first time around. For kids and teens, the whole line between what belonged to the free lovin' hippies of the 60's has become blurred with the disco era of the later 70's. That's okay! Pick your favorites from both, and throw the best party ever. The tips that follow should provide something to appeal to everyone.


Looking to simplify life? We have a complete "Groovy Girl" ensemble. Coordinate your entire party with everything you need from invites, to tablecloths and tableware, to wall decorations and centerpieces, to thank you notes. So easy to pull your retro look together!

Set the table with our Groovy Girl Party for 8 Item# 325545 - Includes 8 themed dessert plates, 8 themed cups, 16 themed luncheon napkins, 1 themed tablecover, 24 solid dinner plates, 8 sets of cutlery, 24 birthday candles all packed in our party box.


Use tie-dyed bandanas or fabric squares, folded in half (you'll end up with a large triangle), as place mats. They can also be placed on your tables as table squares under serving dishes or centerpieces. After the food is served, pull them off the tables to tie on your guests as headscarves.

For an original touch on your Groovy Girl party table, tie the plastic flatware together with floral or satin ribbonbig impact at a little price!


The invitations will give your guests a sneak preview of your groovy plans. Our "Groovy Girl "Diecut Invitations Item# 240545 - (8) coordinate perfectly with our Groovy Girl party ensemble, and are especially perfect for children's parties.


As an alternative, consider attaching a computer generated or hand written flower shaped tag with all the details to a Smile Face Balloon (Item#412760)(must be hand delivered).


Use your imagination!

Attach a pair of hippie sunglasses to your invitations.
Use curling ribbon, satin ribbon, yarn or pipe cleaners to attach.


Or use Smile Face Invitations( Item# 240555), which would go well with this theme.


A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Using our Groovy Girl Theme Party and Smiley Face items as an accent with lots of balloons and a great theme cake, will make your GROOVY GIRL PARTY the best ever.


Girls aged 4-105 especially love to dress up. In your invitation, remember to specify the attire you would like your guests to arrive in. This is a groovy party to have guests dress for, and oh-so-easy.

Halter-tops, tube tops, hip-hugging bell-bottoms, fringed suede vests, go-go boots, anything tie-dyed, anything crocheted, spandex, a-line mini skirtsyou name it! Add some love beads, part your hair down the middle and brush it straight, or don an Afro wig, put on your platform shoes, and you're ready to groove. Check our costume accessories
for this party, and recycle for Halloween!

For a child's party consider providing tops for all the kids.

Have someone make simple halter-tops for the girls and tie-dyed shirts for the boys.

Even the beginner seamstress or non-sewer can make this easy halter-top (one size fits most-for children up to approx. 120 lbs.) Purchase one yard of a stretchy knit fabric for every two halter-tops you will be making.

There are some great tie-dye looking stretch velours available at fabric stores now. Fold one yard of fabric in half diagonally, and cut. No need to hem this fabric! You should now have two large triangles. Fold the top of the triangle over, to form a smaller triangle of about 4-5", and sew a casing approximately 3/4" wide. Cut a narrow strip of fabric to thread through the casing, and to tie around the neck. Your funky halter-top is now complete. This project will literally take less than 10 minutes per top to make!

Have hippie glasses, peace medal pendants and Groovy Girl headbands for all or cut make headbands by using strips of matching fabric or tie-dyed bandanas. You will find that the average cost per guest is considerably less than the cost of taking the gang to Chuck E. Cheese but the impact is huge, and the happy memories of a special party will last a lifetime.




Never did an occasion call for mood lighting more than a Groovy Girl's party does. To create an authentic psychedelic 60's or disco 70's mood in your home, or party location, start with a few light fixtures (Disco Lighting),or Mirror Ball. The most popular? A mirror ball is a retro party "must have". Black lights and strobe lights are next in demand, and the others provide great color and atmosphere, and can be added as needed according to your room size. Good lighting for a retro party takes care of a good portion of your decorating needs. These light fixtures will never go out of style, and are a great, but small, investment. You'll be able to use them at a future Halloween party, and any time the mood to dance in your living room strikes! Kids love them, and baby boomers will find themselves transported back in time. Consider giving one of these lights as a birthday or Christmas gift to a child aged 7-13, and use it for future parties. To say they'll love it would be a huge understatement!


Start with the Groovy Girl Decorating Kit (Item# 326545) - Includes 1 themed flag banner, 1 themed 3D centerpiece, 3 rolls of crepe streamers, 3 rolls of curling ribbon in Purple, Cerise or Emerald Green and 18 -11" latex balloons in Rose, Emerald Green and Quartz Purple.)


Place the 3D Centerpiece in the center of your gift table for the centerpiece or add it to the food table next to your theme cake (see ideas for theme cakes below). Hang the flag banner on the wall.

Also place a vase of fresh flowers on the table - especially daisies!

Never underestimate the power of decorating with balloons, as they can transform any size room into a cozy space in minutes at a very low cost. You get 18 - 11" balloons in Rose, Emerald Green and Quartz Purple with the decorating kit. You need not use helium, and will save money using this tip. I would also consider adding a package of bright yellow balloons or yellow smiley face balloons.



Inflate Bright yellow, Rose, Emerald Green and Quartz Purple balloons, the more the better. Tie a 5-8 foot piece of Purple, Cerise or Emerald Green curling ribbon( in decorating kit) to the end of each one. Using scotch tape, masking tape, or straight pins & hang balloons down from the ceiling so they hang at different lengths. Curl the loose end of the ribbon with scissors. Tape bright streamers and balloon clusters to the walls. If you are holding your party at home, make cluster of them and hang over a serving table. (check my balloon decorations page for instructions on making balloon clusters)


NOTE: If you are hanging the balloons in a room with a high ceiling, or large hall, cut the ribbon to a length appropriate for the height of the ceiling. A very cost effective means to transform a large space into a much more intimate one, is to hang the balloons down from different spaces all over the area you are decorating.

Divide your party into two areas. Have one designated as your "disco dance" area, and the other designated as your "food" area. Use a living room, family room, basement, or even garage as the dance floor. The disco area should be dimly lit, and your food area can be well lit, for guests wanting a break from the action. As mentioned in the lighting section of this party tip(below),the lights will provide 90% of your decorating, in your disco area .

The only thing left to do will be to hang the Groovy Girls Flag Banner from your decorating kit and add a few cutouts on the walls if you desire. Make Cutouts from colorful posterboard (esp. neon) in flower shapes or butterfly shapes.

Hanging a "curtains" of love beads in the doorways, will provide a terrific photo background...a great place to pose each guest or the group for a souvenir photo.

If you are decorating a large area, garage, or sparsely decorated basement, drape orange, yellow or lavender gossamer (sheer fabric) across ceilings or walls. Twist two or three colors together for a spectacular look.

Use "furniture" pieces as part of your decorating.
Visit thrift shops, vintage shops, or antique markets to find authentic special items. Find avocado green, mustard yellow, or rust colored shag carpeting or area rugs, baby Naugahyde (vinyl) chairs and ottomans, bean bag chairs or outdated lamps. Grouped together, you can create your own little "Rumpus Room." If you are not in the mood for the hunt, try using anything inflatable. Chairs, couches, ottomans, pillowsall can now be found at discount stores such as Wal-Mart and Target. Having little groupings of retro furnishings gives guests the opportunity to rest from the frenzied pace of the dancing if they so choose.

To create a great centerpiece for your Rumpus room, use a hot glue gun to affix white daisies (silk, plastic or real), all over a cheap lampshade. Your lamp will instantly be transformed from ordinary to far out!

Purchase some black light posters, velvet flocked if available, and hang them at angles on the walls for a truly psychedelic effect.