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Birthday Cake Bazaar

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Circus Parade Cake

Circus Parade Cake

You will need:

Several types of cookies in different sizes.
Assortment of small candies : gumdrops(round & long), life savers, red hots,& others.
Mixed nuts
Small and large marshmallows

Bake batter in round layer pans as directed on 1 package of any layer cake mix.

Prepare frosting as directed on 1 package of fluffy white frosting mix.

Frost cooled cake. Reserve a small amount of frosting for sticking faces on Cookie-and Candy Animals.

Circus Parade Animals

To make Cookie-and-Candy Animals:

On a tray or counter top, arrange your choice of cookies, candies,popcorn,peanuts,pretzels, or marshmallows, life savers,red hots and etc. to look like any animal you like. "Glue on faces with reserved frosting, as necessary. (Cut gumdrops will stick without frosting.)

When you've made an animal you like, pick up the pieces and press onto the side of cake. Decorate top of cake with colored gumdrops and candles.

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