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Watermelon Whale Centerpiece
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Gala Garnishes

Watermelon Whale Centerpiece

You Will Need:

1 large watermelon
Assorted fruit such as berries and grapes Dried flowers
Sprig of mint, if desired
Melon balls

To outline the shape of the whale, place the watermelon on a flat surface, stem-end toward you. The stem will be the nose. Enlarge the drawing of the tail shown below; make a pattern for the whale's tail. With a wooden skewer, outline the opening for the shell, and then draw around the pattern of the tail.

Diagram 1


Relieving the Pressure
Outlining the Whale's Shape

To relieve the pressure inside the watermelon, use a sharp knife to cut an X through the top of the watermelon.


To make the shell, cut along the outline for the opening. Cut away the unwanted shell in pieces. Scoop out the watermelon fruit, leaving the shell about 1-inch thick. Reserve the watermelon fruit to add to the other fruit in the whale.


To complete the whale, outline the eyes and mouth with a wooden skewer. Cut out the eyes completely. Cut the mouth only halfway through the shell so the juices from the fruit will not run out. At this point, the whale may be covered with plastic wrap and refrigerated overnight. Before serving the whale, make several holes in the top of the head with a small skewer. Push dried flowers into the holes to resemble spouting water. Fill the whale with melon balls or pieces, berries, grapes or other fruit. Garnish with mint, if desired.


Tail Pattern

Enlarge using graph paper.



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